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USSVI was founded in Groton, Connecticut in July 1964.
Pocono Base is the 70th USSVI Base, formed 15 Feb 2000.

Membership in United States Submarine Veterans Inc.
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Regular membership requires that you were qualified in submarines (active duty sailors accepted also).
Other persons interested in submarines, especially tender personnel or other submarine connnected occupations,
are also welcome as associate members.

The details of the organization can be seen on the National USSVI site at: https://ussubvets.org/,
including the location of all bases ( select "find a base" ).

There are also two internet bases not related to a specific location :,
and a "members-at-large" category, for those who don't belong to any particular base.

Special note for 2023 - Joining this year, for $25 total, will include all of 2024 as well !

The annual cost of membership in USSVI / Pocono Base is $40, which includes $30 for national dues (increased 1 April, 2023 ,
and $10 for Pocono Base dues. Life memberships are available with fees based on your age.
[ National Life Membership: $600;   age 46 & over: $480;   age 56 & over: $360;   age 66 & over: $240;   age 76 & over: $120 ]
Holland Club members (50 years qualified) are exempt from base dues.
Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly USSVI national magazine, American Submariner.
(Membership rates per 1/23/23 USSVI directive.)

For more info, or to get an application
Contact the Pocono Base Commander [here]
US Submarine Veterans, Pocono Base
P. O. Box 601, Kresgeville, PA 18333
-or- Bob Smith   rlincsptd.net   -or-   610-681-2606    

An online application for Pocono Base can be found : HERE (DOC format) or HERE (PDF format)
( Print it, fill it in, and hand it in, or mail to above address.)
( You can fill it in on line, then print it, &|or save on your computer.)

An application can also be found on the USSVI National site at :
http://ussubvets.org/ ( > select Documents, > then select Application )   then mail to above address.  

* A local unit of USSVI is called a "BASE".  This term is equivalent to "POST" as used by the American Legion and VFW.

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