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VIDEO of Solemn Ceremony Sept. 22nd, 2007
paying tribute to submariners on Eternal Patrol.

Eugene B. Fluckey,
The GREATEST American Submarine Commander.
[ a Youtube video ]

( or call 800-273-8255 ; Press 1 )
Some Business Ideas for Veterans

Thanks to Denise Chapman and her class
at The Brenham Community Center



 Courtesy of San Francisco Maritime National Park Association

Historic Naval Ships Visitors Guide
(Find existing historic ships.)

Historic USS Nautilus (SS-571)
and Submarine Force Museum

(Including interactive tour)

 On Eternal Patrol
Dedicated to all men lost while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force
Those in WWII

Different Types of Submarines and Underwater Vessels

List of Museum Ships of the United States Military

. . . Museum Ships of the World 

Star Spangled Banner     by member Chris Eckert    
Star Spangled Banner     Greenwich American Legion DC    
Navy Hymn     (Submarine Version[Youtube])    
Burial at Sea     (Loyce Edward Deen[Youtube])    
Trigger Maru
poem by Constantine Guinness,  MoMM1/c

Thanks, Teddy!

The origin of Submarine Pay

eVetRecs: Request Copies of
Military Personnel Records

U.S.Government's Official Web Portal

1945-1973, History and description      Thanks to & Maintained by Jeff Owens
1st generation SSBN  
A video by Tim VeArd, of [USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN/SSN-601)]
featuring songs by Tommy Cox & Neil Diamond
   Some Resources for Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Veterans Center  Thanks to Brian Basham
Mesothelioma Fund  Thanks to Chelsea Montanaro
Mesothelioma Guide  Thanks to Sara Gillberg
Mesothelioma Help  Thanks to Hannah Bessinger
  Update your own USSVI Member Record
Online Manual - Step by step Tutorial
  History and Development
of the Submarine

"It's all here."
  Most Affordable Military-Friendly Online Colleges
Other Military Resources
  Constitutional Laws
& Criminal Procedures

  Find the Best Colleges Near You
Top Military-Friendly Colleges
25 Best Online Criminal Justice Programs
Thanks to Kyra Sutherland of BestValueSchools.org
Some Apparel Resources for SubVets
USSVI Storekeeper
Subvest.com (accessory / tailoring)
BCPATCH (huge collection)
[see the Military Option]
Thanks to Renee Johnson, Outreach Support
  List of resources for veterans looking for
information and help in their search for a home.

Thanks to The Realty Medics
Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans

Thanks to Amy Elmayan, Awareness Advocate,
The Recovery Village
  A Veterans Guide to Health and Nutrition

Thanks to Brenda Snow
Accredited Schools Online Online Journalism Courses

Top Schools for Online Journalism Degrees

Thanks to Caitlin Stewart
PTSD and Substance Abuse Help for Veterans
VA Guide to Finding a PTSD Therapist
How to Stop Living Out of Your Car - Guide for Homeless Vets
Homeless Veterans’ Resources
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
Thanks to Cyrus Dylan
Financial Benefits of a Military Career
Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets
Homes for Homeless Vets
Support for Veterans and Their Struggles
Thanks to Cyrus Dylan

  Educational History Review:
The Submarine & Submersible Vehicles

A Wealth of information
Thanks to Keri Evans, Science Teacher
"Rigged for Red"
 A Youtube video[ Sound on ]

Devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health & wellness

Thanks to Kellen Smith, Tuck Sleep

The Lean Submariner
A carefully constructed site about
Submarine Stories and Submarine History
Guide to Ergonomics
( Avoiding a Sedentary Lifestyle )

not just for students
Thanks to Jon Molinsky

A Japanese submarine is . . . ?
an aircraft carrier !
See Article (PDF)
  Also here on Youtube 

the United States WWII Submarine

- A GUPPY tribute

Medicare in Pennsylvania
Patient Resource Center
Choose from among the state's 67 Medicare Advantage Plans.
Thanks to Jasmine Baker, Virtual Care Advocate

USS Robert E. Lee SSBN-601
goes on a Polaris [A1] Deterrent Patrol

(a movie, including an unknown actor)
Grants for Seniors
Directories of programs and benefits in many categories.

Guides for seniors and retirees
Thanks to Emily Clark
Medical Alert Resources
Does VA Pay for Medical Alert Systems?

Thanks to Ariel Davis
Common Myths and Misconceptions
About the Internet, Websites,
and Other Issues Related to On-Line Privacy
Thanks to Alison Maxwell
U.S. National Debt Clock
plus Mortgage Calculator, and more.

Looking for the best military-friendly colleges
Guide for Students

Thanks to Victoria Roberts
Security and Your Phone
What are the Risks and How to Stay Safe
A Cybersecurity Resource
Thanks to Juliet Evans
Our Imperial Japanese Submarine 5' Model
"1-35" donated by Bill Litke
Looking for a Degree in Data Science ?
Guide for Students

Thanks to Amber Bridges
Veterans starting or currently owning a small business
Best Grants, Loans & Training Resources
for Veteran Entrepreneurs
Thanks to Laura Johnson

Security Tips and References
Internet Safety,
Cable & Cyber Resources
Thanks to Brian Cross

 Member Undertakings
and Projects

Vacations to Go
A resource to research cruises

[ on the surface]

Want to research a flight / go somewhere
. . .   from somewhere?

A resource for Airlines and Airports

Eugene B. Fluckey and the Barb
The fantastic story of the USS Barb
(sound on)  

"USS Alabama (SSBN-731)" dive scene
(from the movie "Crimson Tide")
(sound on)
Warship Finder  (Principally U-Boats)
Submarines of WWII Allies and Adversaries,
Commanding Officers, Museums, and Memorials
49,000+ Senior living options.
Find the right one here.
in Pennsylvania Guide to Independent Living
 Thanks to Lee Adams, Community Outreach, SeniorHousingNet.com
Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

The Art of Tom Denton (SS/SW) DC NE3
Huge List of links to Veterans' Benefits, Jobs, Discounts !
(With some advertisements)
Courtesy of military.com
Emergency Housing, Financial Assistance,
and Rapid Rehousing Support

 Thanks to Helen Williams caring.com
How to Write a Cover Letter
Cover Letter Examples
Military to Civilian Resume Examples

  Thanks to Laura Jacobs, Resumebuilder.com

  Veterans' Guide to Paying for Assisted Living & Home Care

 Thanks to Quinn Lopez,Senior Care Advocate

Benefits for Assisted Living & Long-Term Care
 Thanks to Alexa K., seniorcareadvisor.com
USSVI Virtual Museum is on Facebook

Free Admission to this work in progress

For Seniors & Retirees: Financial Help, Health Care
Help with Rent, Daily Life, Housing, Clothing, Transportation,
& Food Assistance      Thanks to Rachel Jennings
Veterans Legacy Memorial

 Find a Veteran's Burial Location
Veteran Employment Project
List of "Master Classes"

 Courtesy of Military.com 

The Challenge Coin Tradition:

Do You Know How It Started?

  Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Inspirational Speech
by Vice Admiral Joe Williams, Jr.,
Gold Crew Commissioning/Commanding Officer ('59-'64)
 Courtesy of SSBN-601 Website


  Understanding PTSD
 Thanks to Sarah Breckon of nursingeducation.org


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