Pictures of our Annual Base Christmas Party
at the Village Squire, 16 Decembet, 2011

AnnMarie, Sheila


"Skip" G.

(l. to r.) Ken, Ann Marie, Marianne, Marcia

New Holland Club Member Jon

New Holland Club Member Stan

(near to far)  Frank, Jon, Ann Marie, Ken, Ivan, Dave

(near table) Pat, Mae, Jon, Frank

(near table) Pat, Frank, Mae, Jon, and our server, Priscilla in background

Bob with newest member Bill S.

Rich & Jan, Ken & Ev, Ann Marie, Marianne, Marcia

(same) adding Ivan & Dave

(l. to r.) Ivan, Dave, Ev, Jan - (back to camera ) Ken, Rich

John, Mary Ellen with Bill K.

Nancy, Jerry, Bill K., Tom, Carol

Ivan, Dave, Jan - Ken across

Our Master of Ceremonies, Rich, begins the Holland Club induction

Holland Club means having qualified in submarines 50 years ago



The two new Holland Club members with the base commander

"Our" Holland Club ( r.) Jerry, Tom, Frank, Stan, Jon, Bill, Ken

Holland Club patch

Photos courtesy Skip D.