West End Fair, Gilbert, PA, 27[29] Aug. – 3[4] Sept. 2011

The Setup Crew , 29 Sept.     Back Row: Bob, Stan(USCG Ret,), George(FL Base), Mike
Front Row: Ken, Frank

The basic setup

That's the diving alarm (Klaxon).

WOW! That was loud.

Jerry says "Good to go."

the "Old Coot" makes his rounds.

tickets in that big jar

"name & 'phone", just "name & 'phone"        Carol, Nancy & John outside.

Miss WALN Cable Radio http://www.walncableradio.com/ With Ken and Bob

"Push it like this ?"

Ken says "Ya gotta say 'Dive, Dive' " - Nancy , stand by for this.

"Yikes ! That was loud."

"Go ahead," Bill says "It won't bite you."

Vest of Al Rupp, USS Greandier POW      Links: US Submarine POWs of WWII 

Exhibit of some of the Barb's legendary exploits      Links : The USS Barb sinks a train
USS Barb (SS-220) [Wikipedia]      Barb crew members and their battle flag. * Note the train, bottom center.

5 " shell display

from the USS Angler

Rich "tellin' and sellin'"

Our Yeoman's A/V exhibit on the right (Mike)

"Now Dive, Dive"

Bros in arms

Hats fwd – Tom says "It's humid , humid I tell you."

Hats aft . . . and Flag

Welcome Aboard !

New sailors ?

"I Pledge Allegiance . . . "

" to the Flag . . . "

This little lady (age 6) said the Pledge, and signed at the same time.

W.E.Fair Breakdown Crew [9/5] L to R: Bob, Rich, Ken, John, Stan, Mike (not shown Bill P.["pichertaker"])

Photos - M. Smith, R. Holmes. D. Rotondi

Belvidere (NJ) Victorian Days, 10-11 Sept. 2011

We're down there . . . by the Court House

Amongst the old cars

. . . lots of old classic cars

classic 1948 Buick

Ken out front, Skip & Frank in the booth

Our musical neighbor

some of the neighborhood

Good location , in front of Warren County Court House

Oyea, Oyea

Victorian Ladies

Violanta Bandwagon, Johanna, Bob

Pets were welcome, including these from http://poodlerescue.com/

. . . and this fellow (Beauregard), trimmed for travelling

Our interviewer, Monique, with Bob & Ev [note that tiny video/tripod setup]

Horse 'n' Buggy rides [Careful not to sound the diving alarm when they are passing by]

Watch this space - Photos to be added if available.

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