Pocono Base – USSVI – Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 15 Mar 2006

Meeting called to order at 1915 at the Wilson Fisher Post, Pocono Pines, PA. by Base Commander Jeff Owens. The Purpose of the Organization was read. The Base Bell was tolled once for each of the 8 boats and the 436 crewmembers lost during the month of February, and a moment of silence followed. Members present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Members present were: Jeff Owens, John Saeli, Mike Smith, Bob Vaughn, Rich Holmes, Gerald Zeman, Bill Hannon, Frank McDevitt, Bob Smith, Bill Klose, Tom Shields, George Eckert and Bill Egner.

Guests: None

It was confirmed that a quorum was present.

The Minutes: the secretary read the minutes for the February meeting.
Motion to Accept made By: Tom Shields.      2nd by: John Saeli.
All in favor to accept.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Klose’s reported an ending balance $3337.08 on 2/28/2006 after several outstanding checks for about $157 in obligations.

Committee Reports:

Membership: John Saeli reported that we have 47 members in our base. There was one more application by Howard Weinstein, but he has not sent in his check nor has he returned any e-mails. There are also 2 new applicants sent in by Joe O’Hara and packets need to be sent to them. At the end of the month we will be down to 42 members not counting the applications.
    Current members on the DINQ list are; Ed Barr, John Cortese Jr., Joe Manno, Brett Moyer, and Doug Stevens.

Flag Boxes: Jeff asked if anyone has checked on the box in Blakeslee. Frank stated that he would take over checking on that one.

Old Business:

Sub Vets License plates: The applications have finally been sent to PennDot at this time.
Jeff Owens has drafted a letter in conjunction with the other base commanders in PA, basically requesting why an additional $20 is needed and to whom the money will go. The Requin base and members of the Tri-State base are opposed to the asking of more money by Mr. White. What we are opposed to is that the extra money is to only go into the base treasury for Philadelphia.
The initial $20 is to get the specialty plate. This is a once and done fee. The registration fee is a separate charge, with no other money added to it.
The largest problem that we have with Mr. White is that he has never returned any information regarding the Plate Program.

A motion was made to send this letter to make an official inquiry into the use of the additional $20 for the plates.
1st by Bob Smith     2nd by John Saeli
All in favor to accept.
The letter will be copied to the National Commander, Regional Commander, District Commander and the other three Base Commanders in Pennsylvania.

 New Business:

John has a replacement for the Base newsletter editor. Rich Holmes said he would take over the position.

Gerald Zeman brought correspondence from the Tullibee Base in Ocean Springs, MS.
The base is looking for donations to help repair the granite bench at the memorial since it was damaged during the hurricane.

A motion was made to pass the hat and match the money from the memorial fund by Bob Vaughn.    2nd by Tom Shields.   All in favor to accept.

Good of the Order:


Nominations are:
Base Commander: Rich Holmes
Vice Commander: Frank McDevitt
Secretary: Mike Smith
Treasurer: Bill Klose

Election Results:
Base Commander: Rich Holmes 12 votes
Vice-Commander: Frank McDevitt 12 votes
Secretary: Mike Smith   4 votes
                 John Saeli      1 vote
Treasurer: Bill Klose     12 votes.

Twelve voting members were present.

The new officers were sworn in By Jeff Owens (outgoing Base Commander).

The hat was passed while the votes were being counted. A total of $55 to be matched for a total of $110 to be sent to the Tullibee Base.

Rich Holmes presented a Citation for Outstanding Achievement Award to Jeff Owens for his actions as Base Commander for the last 2 years.

It is with sad regret that we must say goodbye to our fellow shipmate Harold Franklin. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief called him to Eternal Patrol on March 8, 2006.
Bob Vaughn thanked us for attending and participating in a ceremony at the viewing for Harold. It showed our support to his daughter Judy and the rest of the Franklin family.
We received a letter from Judy thanking those members who went to see Harold in February.

Bob Vaughn and his wife will be moving to Minisink, New York later this year to be closer to his family. Bob said he will still be a member of the base, but the distance will be to far to travel to the meetings. Tentative moving date is in August.

A question was asked if we could look into putting up a sign about the Sub Vets in the same manner as the Rotary Clubs and other signs you see along the road when entering a town.

The only correspondence regarding any parades came from the Veterans Organization of Monroe County. We will decline the Stroudsburg Parade on Memorial Day since we already participate in the Pocono Pines Parade.
There has been no other correspondence regarding the Armed Forces Day parade as of yet.

Frank McDevitt stated that he would take over being liaison to the Wilson Fisher Post after Bob Vaughn moves.

Next meeting will be held at 1900 on 19 April 2006 at the Marine Corps League Museum in Scranton, PA.

The meeting was adjourned at 2030 hrs.

Food and drinks followed.

Respectfully submitted

Michael D. Smith, Secretary

P.S. It is with deep regret that I am resigning as secretary. I will be going to Germany to work for ITT Systems before our next meeting in April. It appears that I will not be back perhaps until 2008.