United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.
Pocono Base – Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 14 June 2006
 Meeting called to order at 1635 by Base Commander Rich Holmes at the
Wilson-Fisher American Legion Post in Pocono Pines, PA. The Purpose of the Organization was read. The Base Bell was not tolled due to lack of bell. The following Boats and their crewmembers that were lost during the Month of June:
20 June 1941     USS O-9                   SS 70               33 Men
12 June 1943     USS R-12                 SS 89               42 Men
26 June 1943     USS Runner              SS 275             78 Men
01 June 1944     USS Herring             SS 233             84 Men
14 June 1944     USS Golet                 SS 361             82 Men
18 June 1945     USS Bonefish           SS 223             85 Men
A moment of silence followed and an invocation was given by Bob Vaughan. The Base Commander led the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Members present were: Rich Holmes, Frank McDevitt, Mike Smith, Bob Vaughan, Bob Smith, Tom Shields, Gerald Zeman. We would like to welcome our newest member; Tom Crosby. The members present introduced themselves and their respective boats. Tom Crosby qualified on USS Hartford SSN 768.
Guests: None
The secretary confirmed that a quorum was present.
The Minutes: the secretary read the minutes for the May meeting.
Correspondence: We received a thank you letter from Herb Edmonds, Secretary/Treasurer of USSVI Tullibee Base
     "The members of Tullibee Base wish to thank you and yours for the generous donation to the reconstruction effort of our Submarine Memorial. With the generosity shown by you and many others like you, we will not only rebuild the memorial, but also rebuild it better and stronger. "
      "Hurricane Katrina dealt the Mississippi Gulf Coast a huge blow. With the large loss of property here and the shutdown of much of the industry, we heavily depend upon the friends and members of the Submarine Community to aid us in the recovery effort. "
Treasurer’s Report:  No Report Given.
Committee Reports:
   Membership:  No Report Given.
    Fair:  The Coolbaugh Day Fair is scheduled for September 13, 2006. We are planning on attending again this year as long as we can get a stand towards the front this year. We had a good turnout last year and would like to see it again this year.
Old Business:
Rich stated that he is still working on his first newsletter and hopes to have it completed soon. He said he is going to include some information about the ‘Gottlieb’ class sub built by Sweden. He is also asking the members for their input if something or some information comes to mind. This info could relate to the technology, history, or activities regarding other bases.  Rich also stated that he would at some time, like to incorporate an editorial page. He brought up the editorial that was done by the American Legion and was in their magazine about ‘Eminent Domain’. We then held a discussion about what has happened in New London. Tom Crosby said that he lived through it while he was stationed in Groton.  Tom Shields and Rev. Vaughan brought up the point that we need to have a disclaimer that the editorial is for the opinion of the Pocono Base and not the national level.
Gerald Zeman brought up information regarding obtaining a Mk 14 torpedo. The only cost of getting one is the shipping cost. The torpedoes are ‘free’. We would still have to clean it up if we get one. Rich is asking that Gerald supply him with the contact info so the secretary can write a letter for obtaining one.
A discussion was brought up about a float for parades. Rich wants to go ahead and have this done. Rich stated that he has a trailer that could be used. Tom stated that he has an artists’ conception of what it would look like. The next step would be figuring out the dimensions of the finished product. Rich would like to start this next month if we could get some working parties together. The sub would be made of Styrofoam blocks glued together and then shaped in the form of the bow of a sub. Then we would cover it in fiberglass for strength and support and then painted. The idea is to also have a trailer large enough for the model and to have seating on the trailer for those members who would like to sit instead of march during parades. An estimated cost for these two projects would be brought up at the next meeting. Rich said that he would include the drawings for the sub in his next newsletter.  The only other concern was getting the float to the different parades. It would have to be anchored in some way and possibly covered to protect it.
The last issue was trying to get a locker at the Legion for our use. The legion brought it up at their last meeting and said that they have no room for one in the hall. They said that we could put up our flags in the corner if we were to get two flag stands. If we could get a single locker in the storage room, then they would allow us to put it in.      
New Business:
Rich stated that he wants to try something at our next scheduled meeting. He would like to review our roster for the folks who have not attended the meeting in six or more months. He would then like to do a ‘name in the hat’, that is to put their names in a hat similar to a raffle, then pass the hat around and pull a name with the intent of having that person call who they picked between the July and August meetings and basically introduce yourself, tell him why your calling, which is to see if they are doing well, that we would like to share with whatever is going on in their lives right now with the other members. Then at the following meeting, we can have some feedback as to who called who, what’s going on and such, then Rich could incorporate some of that into subsequent newsletters.
Rich is also looking for another mailbox to put down in Bartonsville. There is another issue with the mailboxes in that they are fading out. The one in Blakeslee is almost unreadable.  Frank mentioned that Ed Barr has the placards for them but never put them up. Frank said he could retrieve those and put them up. There was also a question about Ed. He was at the Memorial Day Parade, but he was representing the Legion. Rich talked to him, but did not press the issue, that one day he would like to come back to the group. 
Rich Holmes has reserved the pavilion at Mountain View Park on 27 Aug 2006 for a Pocono Base Family and Friends picnic. The pavilion is a new one and is located near ‘The Crossings’ and is closer to Camelback. Further directions will be sent. Tentatively will run from 11am to 4pm. There is no cost for food. Rich would like to include a ‘Pot Luck’ for food on top of what Tom Shields will be providing.
Good of the Order:
Tom brought up the idea of getting together and visiting Grover Kiick like they did earlier this year for Harold Franklin.

Next meeting will be held at 1900 on Wednesday 19 July 2006 at the Marine Corps League Museum in Scranton.
Rich Holmes entertained a motion to adjourn.  All in favor to adjourn, motion carried.
Rich Holmes led the recitation of the Creed of USSVI.  
Bob Vaughn led us in a closing prayer.
Rich Holmes declared the meeting of the Pocono Base adjourned.
The meeting was adjourned at 1721 hrs.
Food and drinks followed.
Mike Smith also brought a video of the new German Sub from a Discovery Channel show called ‘Future Weapons’ to be shown while we were eating. The episode was titled ‘Stealth’ and included the Barrett M107 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle and the Predator UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) along with the U-212 German Sub.
We then attended the Flag Day Ceremony at 1800, where we burned at least 1000 flags.
Respectfully submitted
Michael D. Smith
USSVI – Pocono Base Secretary
"The secretary apologizes for the late start to the meeting. I was tied up assisting the medics from the ambulance corps that I run with at an accident scene. Just happened to be on the same road I was taking to get to the meeting."]