Pocono Base – USSVI – Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 15 Feb 2006

Meeting called to order at 1918 at the Wilson Fisher Post, Pocono Pines, PA. by Base Commander Jeff Owens. The Purpose of the Organization was read. The Base Bell was tolled once for each of the 6 boats and the 450 crewmembers lost during the month of February, and a moment of silence followed. Members present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Members present were: Jeff Owens, John Saeli, Mike Smith, Bob Vaughn, Rich Holmes, Steve Vergalito, Gerald Zeman, Bill Hannon, Dennis Opiela, Frank McDevitt, Bob Smith and Bill Klose.

Guests: None

It was confirmed that a quorum was present.

The Minutes: Minutes were not read, as they were not posted in time for the meeting. A copy of the minutes was made available for anyone to read.
Motion to Accept made By: Steve Vergalito.      2nd by: Dennis Opiela.
All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Klose’s reported an ending balance $3742.56 on 12/31/2005 with several outstanding checks for about $100 in obligations. Total balance for Jan 2006 is $3493.49.
Motion to accept made by: John Saeli.    2nd by: Bill Hannon.
All in favor to accept.

Committee Reports:

Membership: John Saeli reported that we have 46 members in our base with 2 new members since the last meeting. 7 members have not paid their dues and will be dropped from the list at the end of March.
    There was one more possible member by the name of Howard Weinstein, but he did not show up.
    Current members on the DINQ list are; Ed Barr, Rod Brown, John Cortese Jr., Joe Manno, Brett Moyer, Eugen Rees and Doug Stevens.
    Due to a change in health status for Eugen Rees, a motion was made for the base to pay his National and Base dues for 2006. Eugen is a good standing and relatively active member of our base.
Motion to pay Eugen Rees’ dues made by: Frank McDevitt.    2nd by: Dennis Opiela
All in favor.

Ways & Means:  Red Baron’s have changed their policy regarding use of hospitality suites. They are now renting them on a day-by-day case and not per season.

Parade: A gentleman contacted Steve about a parade in Exeter on Memorial Day.
We already attend the Pocono Pines parade and have had a hard time getting enough people for two parades. No info as of yet regarding the Armed Forces Day Parade.

Publicity: Nothing to report.

Speakers Bureau: Need to appoint a new chairman since Ed Barr has not renewed his dues. Need to rethink how to improve our presentations, perhaps including a power point presentation or use of an overhead projector. Perhaps making a canned presentation.

Flag Committee: John stated that he has about 150 flags in his garage. We need to check on the one in Blakeslee, as Ed Barr was checking on that one.

Old Business:

National office in Silverdale is considering options on finding a cheaper location for an office and finding volunteers to help run it. One of the options in their area is the cost of buying a building instead of renting. The national office is soliciting for help from different bases in their search.

The Gudgeon Chapter is holding a Regional Convention in Atlantic City at the Boardwalk Hilton. 3 day / 2 nights with amenities at $249 per person double occupancy. Includes $30 in coin to be used at the casinos, buffet, and convention.

Monroe County is offering up to $250 for any veteran’s functions, unfortunately the application came in too late to apply.

Calendars: Voted to give some away to the local Vet’s home and the VA Hospital. We could just give away the guts and save the covers for next year. Still more than 200 left.
Final figure and cost are: $845 sold, paid $534.40 with $310.60 profit.

Lake Naomi Association: Received a thank you from the association directed at Frank McDevitt and the Pocono Sub Vets, especially for the contribution of the phone cards.
Total donation was over $450.

Vests: Jennifer Dugan runs the company SubVests.com. She is a navy wife and they currently reside in Rhode Island. They will be changing duty stations soon to Norfolk.
Have contacted her regarding the trim we are looking for. She has gotten in touch with Ethel in VA Beach. Looks to be a quality product with just about what we want on it.
Rich has the price list and will try to contact her again before the March meeting. The vests are done on an individual basis as she is making this her livelihood as a Navy wife.

Locker: Commitment by Frank to have a locker put I place by the end of the year. Need to make sure it is large enough for the bell and klaxon, plus other items. Dimensions to hopefully be 6’ x 2’ x 1’.

New Business:

How many would be interested in Bowling on Wednesday either before or after our meeting. Will probably get only the people local to the area.

John Saeli is resigning as editor of our newsletter after the next issue. He has submitted a tally of expenses for 2005, which are: $107 for postage, 193.31 for production cost for a total of $300.31. This tallied with about the $75 per quarter. Tendering an offer for someone to take over doing the newsletter.

There is an Internet base known as the Lockwood Base. This is a chartered base with about 100 members. This is a cyber base only. This is to try and get the members at large involved in the organization.

Good of the Order:

Rich, Frank, Tom and Bob Vaughn and his wife went down to see Harold Franklin on Feb 14. He was in good spirits and was very happy to see them.  He had moved back into the same nursing home due to a setback in his health.

On the way back from seeing Harold they stopped at a Burger King in Quakertown, where a gentleman came over with 5 Burger King cards for $10 apiece and thanked the members for their service to the country.

Nominations: Rich Holmes has been nominated for Commander
               Frank McDevitt for Vice-Commander
               Mike Smith for Secretary
               Bill Klose for Treasurer.
Motion to close nominations was made and accepted
Next meeting is elections and installation of officers.

Next meeting will be held at 1900 on 15 March 2006 at the Wilson Fisher Post, American Legion, Pocono Pines, PA.

The meeting was adjourned at 2044 hrs.

Pizza and drinks followed.

Respectfully submitted

Michael D. Smith