United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.
Pocono Base
Meeting Minutes -
Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Pocono Base held a Christmas Party in lieu of a regular meeting at Baileys Grill & Steakhouse in Mount Pocono on Wednesday 13 Dec 2006 at 1800 hrs.
The Following Base member and guests were present:
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Shields, Mr. & Mrs. Frank McDevitt, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Zeeman, Mr. & Mrs. Grover Kiick, Bill Klose, Mike Rivezzo, Mike Smith and special guest Dorothy Crane.
The following are the US Submarine Force Losses for the month of December:
16 Dec 1917    USS F-1                                              SS   20             19 Men
17 Dec 1927    USS S-4                                              SS 109             38 Men
25 Dec 1941    USS Sealion                                        SS 195               4 Men
02 Dec 1943    USS Capelin                                       SS 289             76 Men
A moment of silence followed and an invocation was given by Rich Holmes.
Frank McDevitt found out that a water glass does not make for a good bell to be tolled.
Rich Holmes presented Dorothy Crane with the plaque bearing the name of Eugen Rees.
The members present also signed a book that was then presented to Grover Kiick.  
Next meeting will be held at 1900 on Wednesday 17 Jan 2007 at the American Legion, Wilson-Fisher Post in Pocono Pines, PA.
Respectfully submitted
Mike Smith
USSVI – Pocono Base Secretary